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fut coins In the new social Johannesburg July 6 Electric (reporter Shen Chen) South Africa President Zuma 6th in Cape Town said, for held African city first World Cup of huge inputs, get has good of returns South Africa Treasury previously is expected to, based on based facilities, and investment and the tourism of effect continued expanded, World Cup on South Africa this year GDP of contribution will reached 0.4% South Africa financial Minister Plaven. Gordon recently also said, South Africa World Cup football game will prompted South Africa this year of economic growth 38 billion Fifa 14 Coins Trader, Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online, Enjoy Instant delivery£¡! blue special ( About US $ 5 billion), Zuma said, "we can safely say, get a good return on our investment. We invested 33 billion rand for the basic transport facilities, communications and construction.

Analysts here pointed out that South Africa not many get in return from the World Cup. South Africa to wants to made long-term of economic interests, must change security poor, and crime high of environment recently has commercial analysis report pointed out that, South Africa World Cup since June 11 opening yilai, South Africa of hotels industry, and car leasing industry and the World Cup souvenirs sales industry, made has is good of performance but, the report also pointed out that, South Africa related sector in World Cup Qian is expected to, World Cup during will has 450,000 foreign visitors came to South Africa tourism. However, because South Africa high crime rates, and wishes affect foreign tourists, tickets for the World Cup in South Africa foreign sales barely acceptable condition at present, South Africa World Cup will end with just a week to go, preliminary statistics show about 200,000 foreign tourists three weeks before the World Cup comes to South Africa.