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cheap fifa 14 coins Netherlands in a World Cup qualifier more eye-catching, they are 9-1 in the euro group d win by 29 goals, with the best record in Europe moving into Brazil. Although Orange clothing Regiment in 2014 of first warm-up in the 0 2 lost France, but in World Cup Qian Netherlands of State has picked up, they 1 1 war flat Ecuador, thereafter respectively to 1 0 and 2 0 beat Ghana and the Wales due to Barcelona recently two a season record fell, Vicente del Bosque continues to trust to Barcelona players for team of exploits lineup will by has quite of questioned, but he is not no introduction fresh blood, popular striker Diego gekesita not only can guarantee Spain team of attack efficiency, Matador in more regiments into blood. Previously Atletico Center had injured disease plagued, but in World Cup Qian "full blood resurrection", this tantamount to Yu to has Spain a gift package Spain and Netherlands originally are is European attack football of representative, but to limit Spain, van Gaal at gave up Netherlands traditional of 4 3 3 play, variable array 5 3 2, so homes himself of long of variable enrollment whether really can received effect also needs combat to test. 5Month Rafael van der Vaart pulled a muscle the veteran retired from international football for a young Netherlands is a heavy blow for after Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben and has little problems, Netherlands, became frightened. Moreover, whether de Guzman's hamstring injury has healed is unclear, if he can't return to his best, Craxi, Bettino will replace but rather than injury, enough cohesion in the dressing room is the Netherlands's real troubles. World Cup training during Orange clothing Regiment of civil strife never interrupted, first exposure out due to training Shi against action had big and led to Robben and Indi occurred conflict of farce, then physical coach Raymond more shelled van Gaal of high strength training almost practiced waste players, this week Sneijder, and de Jong and Kuyt three name big guy and was found night not owned, solidarity and discipline problem very may again became Orange clothing Regiment impact Supreme glory of shackles.