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Han media said, fifa ultimate team coins Japan players on Han tour of interest is steadily upgrade, recently Japan authority swims portal website of new tour concern list of Forefront basic was Han You monopoly, Korea swims in and Japan native swims of market battle in the made has overwhelming sex of victory and in this year second half of, including NHN of TERA, and NCsoft sword spirit and network Zen of C9 zainei of variety Korea masterpiece will in Japan listed, When Korea online game no doubt will get a big chunk of Japan's online games market share according to the TERA, from July 1 to July 4 this year in Japan opened the first day of the first test at the same time online by more than 10,000 people and was very pleased with a lot of people to play. Korea online game has been to a large extent "localized" treatment, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins, Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins, Fifa 14 Coins - Your Best Choice!! such as inviting the Japanese seiyuu as dubbing, invited Japan OST sang the well-known anime song singer, have made Japan players on Korea NET favorability to further increase the Japan game Americans believe


. In this year June early, Japan well-known game producer rice ship King II published Comments said Japan game industry has left peak period entered has recession period, he think many Japan game development company still to a "arrogance" of attitude in see with China, and Korea, to of development power, and is this attitude destroyed has Japan game industry he also said: "Korea currently has global top of network game development capacity. Today, the Japan gaming company in the network game, basically to take into consideration Korea's online games. "Serial position as can be seen from inafune Keiji Haino, does have a number of Japan admitted the game Korea online game Japan game market has a huge impact.