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Recently, buy fifa coins South Korean media said the paradise and the sword spirit is expected to pack series, acting by Tencent. Following is a translation will be carried out from 27th Korea first tested the spirit sword by Tencent in China is expected to be operational on 26th, according to industry sources, NCSOFT companies are gaming companies 


of the sword of the spirit. Is equivalent to slicing up the current of the heaven and the heaven 2 operated by Grand China, reportedly due in 2011 as rumored, while NCSOFT Corporation is set to the sword of the spirit and the paradise series package sold, Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins - Fifa 15 Coins For Sale!! but less than the export conditions of Aion. November 2007, NCSOFT company and Grand signed has 50 million dollars (equivalent Yuan about for 300 million yuan) scale of eternal of Tower export agreement according to analysis said, NCSOFT company is put sword spirit and heaven series packaged sold, main is think sword spirit has may cannot in China became popular one industry related persons said, currently weizhi entered China market of NCSOFT its all MMORPG are failed to in China obtained success. Although the Aion has received a lot of attention, but in fact is unable to escape the fate of defeat. Therefore, the carrier of the sword spirit also there may not be a source of great China also said that NCSOFT's works are not in China became popular, this is a fact. Therefore, cannot guarantee that will succeed under the premise of the sword of the spirit, does the company invested so much money in the past agents is unknown to this, NCSOFT says, now the exports of the sword of the spirit, there's and China's well-known operators contacted the local, but so far has not specifically laid down in part, I am unable to open it.