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buy wildstar Platinum Said the player hosts a Brazil team their hopes, perhaps this sentence a bit of an exaggeration, but judging from the previous five games, Brazil does neymar indispensable. This may become a trend in modern football: each team has distinct responsibilities consist of two parts. If Argentina is Messi + 10-player team, then Brazil is neymar +10 team. Therefore, neymar lost, Brazil is a devastating blow for addition, Captain and key Defender Thiago.Silva also due to accumulated yellow cards will be suspended, Brazil team for the next match against Germany will be set before he Luiz Felipe Scolari's problem. But, in modern football only success on the and only victory on the of premise Xia, Luiz Felipe Scolari wants continues to forward seems to only gave up gorgeous of Samba style, steering relies on fierce of defensive and sharp of counterattack has Brazil of good news is, on Colombia Shi ban of lumbar Gustavo semi-final comeback, can top off a lumbar location, and feiernandiniao composition double lumbar, this let Ramirez replacement neymar was pushed Shang frontcourt of may further increases, while, Chelsea midfielder has speed and attack capacity, on the, Residual matrix Germany, Brazil is the underdog attitude, Ramirez's run and defensive ability, in line with the Brazil team to "fight", the purpose of seeking first unbeaten Fred mediocrity? Hurk foolhardy? If a bench? Brazil's weak attack was not the World Cup to cure ills, so defense is the biggest weapon of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Even is top star neymar due to hurt farewell World Cup, on United of Brazil people, also must no to ammunition of point, after all a neymar also not enough to broke Deutsche of steel defense, this support Brazil team, defensive is they sent looked in native sixth times won World Cup of maximum chips worth a mention of is, Luiz Felipe Scolari currently faced of situation, and 2006 World Cup he with Portugal playing England Shi extremely alike, Portugal in and Netherlands a war in the loss heavy, Deco, and costinha around, main suspended, But the residual spell of England when he played a high level and eventually eliminated the three lions.