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Every game, fut coins he would cry. This time, not because of moving, not because of pressure, but because of the pain, but because there is a deep feeling of regret and unwilling to 88 minutes, neymar's back by Colombia Defender Zuniga's knee, collapses, the spot was carried away on a stretcher and rushed to 7 kilometers outside San Carlos hospital. He covered his eyes, trying not to let cameras into the painful face. He sobbed, he nearly shouted out, he twitched her shoulders. Down for an instant, he already had a sense of foreboding, 22, boarded the World Cup for the first time, Samba glory to a grinding halt? Vertebral pain, heart pain, behind him, is 2Billion Brazil expected of people eyes, he felt fear, he is unwilling to face up to the reality section of internal video release from the hospital, after the gates were opened, a white-coated doctor in front leading the way, neymar's operation is contained in five men pushing a car sped into the corridors, neymar clutching white towels still in tears. Followed by nine men, to the theater entrance, and finally a nurse to guard the door, though a dozen people, some wore Brazil jerseys, an eye that is not a doctor, but everything in it after inspection, neymar section ruptured vertebrae injury, fortunately without injury to nerves. Doctors say he needs to rest in bed for a month, and minimize turns over. Doctors then announced that neymar is neymar claimed a World Cup tour after being admitted to the hospital, more and more fans gathered in front of the San Carlos hospital, they were shouting "strong! Neymar! Be strong! Neymar! "For heroes cheer Brazil's eyes, neymar, Brazil's heroes. Opener the player's expectations, making his tenth number one shirt to become Brazil's top-selling product.