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Top of Asia, the two fifa 15 coins for sale repeatedly battled two draws, evergrande has had the last laugh. Nationwide was ecstatic, this is the feast of football have been looking forward to for a long time. Soccer without borders, football people have nationalities. Tianhe Stadium flags flying, the national anthem is heated, this victory, the country's image is not absent. But, the country has not been the subject of victory: this is a football war, rather than a State of war. When the nation to dominate the football players and fans of destiny, just like on the pitch of the ball and lawn, then reduced power to manipulate props, it's Asian Champions League, rather than World Cup; players participating in the game, the Club, and not on behalf of the State. Credited with winning, in addition to Chinese, also operates from Italy who Lippi and assigning Argentina one hole card, run like a tiger with Brazil who Muric, destroy the city pulling village of Brazil who aierkesen, dizhuzhongliu Korea party Kim to. Political interference we will never give up football, as soccer never gave up on the rejection of politics. Politicians become fans, and which fans, their individual freedom; just when they were taking advantage of the President, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister's public identity, authority to abuse their élites, in addition to the statutory rights and prescription for football, even with football as the media, gain political capital, shall be deemed to be our guard. Worst case, you are manipulating the game and persecution players. From Spain's dictator Francisco Franco, to Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday, nothing so. Uday didn't know anything about football, but overwhelmingly caring team Iraq national team games, needless to say lost, even the players making mistakes on the pitch, will be punished according to their severity. Under political pressure, the playersPlaying, not playing of ball is free and full of life. Anyone local politics, where there is football, there is political. In this sense, football may never be free from political interference. Optimists have, but there are some pessimistic view. Nankuan musicians never asked much of football such as Mr Jin Zhiyang believes that this will not save China's football. This remark only half of the truth. Of course, in essence, any external force could not save China's football, including magical Lippi to coach national soccer team, at best, he can save time, to save time, have to rescue ourselves. But, dang we summary constant big of success of road, due for foreign aid of power or, hit money of gamble or, on China football of saved foreclosure, also is has revelation, after all, constant big experience although views, has point not denied: it of development direction, are is makes football return football, makes football of run followed its itself of law, and not instead.