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War, buy Diablo 3 Gold a war without gun smoke came, just this morning, Yes, my dear, you must know that I say this war is already Rio World Cup opening in the wee hours, worldwide connoisseurs look forward to another four years of football event, now can devote its full dedication! Was said, football is modern social in most civilization of war, also was said Mall as battlefield, so I often took football and do Enterprise made analogy, feel regardless of is do enterprise also is kicked football, are should has also of athletic State, knows direction in where, steps how go, and lock ultimate target, that I to go all out, I to go all out to to success, and embrace happy! It has been said that football should be happy, stupid deep meaning that it does. While on and off the pitch had tears, but no one denies that football brings the most pure Visual pleasure and physical pleasure. If the analogy to football and to do business, I would like to say: in fact, simple back to do business, as well as grasp the meaning of happy football, see Enterprise can also be done yourself a pleasant career, then people should be able to do business more easily, right? Soccer field, all the rules are clear, offside, then fancy attack will fail, the offside trap, perhaps it is a demonstration of a successful surprise attack on lesson plans. I enjoy those wonderful moments, and also enjoy the timeless classic brings happiness, just don't want the so-called rational use of score wins the contest rules appear in the corporate community, in particular the food industry like ours, because if there are no morals to uphold and the bottom line, the importance of the rule is no longer so obvious!