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From Brazil's World Cup fifa 15 coins for sale opening just over ten days, powers announced the final 23-man roster, player is playing in Europe has reached 70%, Brazil is still the World Cup European League play. Which, Premier League has 114 name players selected, despite number than last World Cup slightly has declined, but still continuous more session stability Home World Cup players up of throne rule evening news (reporter Yang Yang Jun Zhang) distance Brazil World Cup opening only left ten days, all strong gradually announced has eventually of 23 people list, in European League effectiveness of players more is reached has 70% above, Brazil World Cup still is European League players dominated Beijing time this morning, World Cup 32 strong team of 23 people list all released. Rule evening reporter statistics found, in all 736 name will participate in Brazil World Cup of players in the, most effectiveness Yu European League, alone five big League of players on occupy has half, this also can't help but let people lamented, World Cup seemed is Europe war of once "transitions" has 11 support Giants Club respectively for Brazil World Cup contribution has two bit number of players, they amounted to produced has 120 name international, accounted for to has Brazil World Cup total number of 15% More than champions Bayern Munich in the Champions League last year with 15 WINS in all of the Club's first place. Remove Germany internationals outside the team also owns Brazil 8-country international. Contribution International has the largest number of three previous world cups, Inter Milan, arsenal and Barcelona playing on contributions in double digits 11 clubs of the World Cup team, spread over 5 in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie a each have 2 teams, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 per centTeam at the World Cup, FIFA offered the players total subsidy will rise, the standard may be at the level of $ 2800/per person/day. Bayern Munich contributed more than 10 employees, such as players ' teams, but at least during the World Cup receive about $ 1 million dollars in earnings.