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On June 13, 2014 Brazil World Cup FUT coins battle in the soccer world, and before the entire World Cup season in full swing, 2014 season, the leagues will also be in the World Cup final scramble before the intermission. In preparations for the 2014 season League 14th round, Tianjin Songjiang trip to Guangzhou Huangpu Sports Center, with Guangdong Sunray's crucial Premier League. Infection by the atmosphere of the World Cup, Songjiang players showed good form before the game, Guangdong and Tianjin team battle coming due during the previous round home defeat against in the Qingdao team, scored before the interval as the final battle of the Songjiang's urgent needs. However from the hands of old rivals Sunray team snatched the three points of the expected degree of difficulty, after all the previous seasons in the Guangdong army Matsue's home has not been won. Despite the difficulties lie ahead, Songjiang lads from all three points away from home, but the objective is also exceptionally strong Songjiang team set off in the morning of 13th flight to Guangzhou, exceptionally smooth throughout the trip. Brazil 3:1 win over Croatia's World Cup opener as the Songjiang players the biggest conversation piece. As the pre-match preparation needs, and players no chance to watch the match live, but Jin-Division players, or through a variety of ways to understand the processes of the World Cup, Songjiang, which are the most active among the three South American foreign aid. From the Brazil player, Claudine and Lucio all the way and his team-mates to share their country's customs, pride arrived in the station simply rest of the soccer world after the team in pregame preparations of Huangpu Sports Center in Songjiang district, Southland, humid heat Songjiang players apparently felt some discomfort. High temperature expanded training, coaching staff and team doctor specialized in Songjiang District developed a plan, helping team members allocate physical strength to improve the training quality. Effective logistics support, which greatly improves the efficiency of the team's training, infected by global football World Cup, team training extra inputs in Songjiang, shooting training many players have completed the degree of difficulty and degree of exciting good shot.