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cheap Dragon Nest Gold June 14 sports, Reuters (Xinhua news agency Xinhua, Wang Fan) sitting on the world's best strikers South American strongmen Argentina team Europe against participating for the first time but having the horror shooter "second rate" Bosnia throughout the night of 15th at the liyuemalakana Stadium in their opening group f competition capability of two difference is visible at a glance, owns Messi, Aguero, Gonzalo higuain hit Argentina will no doubt dominate. World-class striker Edin dzeko could end in Bosnia and played defensive back. Bosnian coach Suhic has said it would not "waste" any one go to a special marking Bosnia's first goal is to qualify two teams have shown good form recently, frequent warm-up win. Argentina in Bosnia are in the region of the former Yugoslavia and the Slovenia team in a warm-up game, try to send a substitute, by 2:0 beat; in BiH has defeated Ivory Coast and Mexico teams, main force in final warm-up moderate snow accumulation, 5:1 demolition of Brazil Santos U21 team Argentina and last direct dialogue in Bosnia in November 2013, Argentina 2:0 win both features are attacking strong keep weak, have a formidable front four attacking combination. Argentina of 433 formation in the, midfielder left of Champions League finals best players di Maria on striker of Messi, and Aguero, and Iraq melon due to formed powerful support; and Bosnia of 442 formation in the, from Guizhou people and of misimovic and Rome team of Pjanic sits midfielder, and Manchester City striker dzeko and Stuttgart of ibisevic constitute square, scored efficiency also not low compared two team four people group of integrated strength, Argentina also is obviously accounted for excellent. As long as the first goal upset Bosnia and counter rhythms, could take the game becomes one-sided. Conversely, if not open, four for one effective in Bosnia meet to form a deadly strike teams ' weaknesses at the back. Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano will assume the task of Defense, cutting off misimovic, Pjanic and Edin dzeko, ibisevic linkages is vital; and backcourt in Bosnia has no name, estimate will depend on number of compensated even if Argentina forward Trident into full play, Bosnia will be difficult to resist.