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In many people's eyes, buy cheap fifa coins new sources, the stadium is a wonderful place: it is about a 90-degree angle toward the side of the width, and a very large "Bella by" slum area close to, this happens before the ghetto Avenue, outside the path leading to the stadium. On the other side of the Avenue, is a brand new renovation, large park with a lake view with beautiful lawns on the vision, the road formed a sharp contrast: on one side are lakeside beauty, one side is as often urban abscesses, ugly ghetto brick house. Dang I in game Qian three hours, go Xia bus car, moving to stadium March Shi, see road of middle placed with can mobile isolation DUN, and hundreds of name Brazil police column into a team, from Road Central walked, will park side of comes into play fans, and another side of slums separated according to mountain and built of "method Bella" from road side has been extends to Hill, and noisy of fans world compared to, dead a. A middle-aged man naked to the waist, leaning against the railing halfway up, bored to watch his through the crowd. I reached out to greet him, he saw me, no, turned back to the House that I, for the first time, to the enthusiasm of Brazil after greeting people, they did not respond. I know at this time, the World Cup doesn't belong to them, across the road from the inhabitants of El Salvador "by Bella" residents, many of them do not work, and some come to find some work, like 700 reais a month income, while local buses each way is 2.8 reais, even those who don't change, sits back and forth two times a day, transportation to and from work only, just enough for them to work. Kawakante says he's a local boy, but he can't imagine how these people live, "they can't afford to buy World Cup tickets even cheaper. The World Cup has nothing to do with them. "Kawakante says" German-Portuguese wars "scene wearing a Germany Jersey fans that accounted for nearly half of the overall number. I walked into the stadium fans store, found on the shelves you don't see Portugal Jersey, leaving only a sporadic few Germany team jerseys, large numbers of Germans really enjoy shopping.