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Brazil World Cup breaks fut coins World Cup fans in the world's biggest festivals, but for Chinese fans, is "worried during the festive season." As well as a session of the Chinese "tangled"-there is no team competition of the World Cup, and playing for the Super League's few foreign aid, and even a few years ago also appeared in the World Cup umpire disappear from the Chinese have a deep World Cup "complex", but the Chinese football is always the distance World Cup so far. With such of "tangled" and "complex", we to has, and refused to do a bystanders--in Stadium both inside and outside, touch world teams of pulse, hopes asked out a agent recipe; in city village, listening football Kingdom of heartbeat, tries to search football power cheats from World Cup opened big scene of moment up, we, two bit has been long-term track China football of Xinhua reporter Wang Haoming and public soldiers, will in Brazil for you brings "World Cup China ' knot '" series reported, hopes station in world football of Supreme arena, Look at many aspects of Chinese soccer, Brazil World Cup and three Japan on the referee in the opening match of the games. Although main CD West Village male a sentenced out controversy sex penalty, but not denied of is, can debut World Cup unveiled war, Japan of football referee training system does have worth China reference of at China referee in World Cup of debut only has a times--Qian China "gold whistle" Lu boarded Han day World Cup field, but since this zhihou, China referee again no boarded World Cup field of opportunities (South Africa World Cup Shi hopeful although in list in the but failed to participation law enforcement). To this day, for a one-year sentence Lu was accidentally knocked Japan referee in the World Cup opening ceremony of the "headline", but "grab headlines" rearTo cover up the Chinese soccer referee talents especially awkward realities of high-end talent shortage after missing three world cups in a row, when the referee in China can once again onto the world soccer's highest stage then? The answer words of optimism. Comparison of a set of figures send cold shivers down people, registered judgment about people in China, this reporter to multiple people, including football association officials several times to verify all the time and number of inaccurate data. Compared with, Japan FA official website Shang clearly to will Japan referee of data precise to month and single digits number: as years, Japan total of St referee over million people, which 11 people business football registered referee number for people, five people business referee of number for name in registered referee number Shang, China is insufficient Japan of one-tenth; in referee team of overall level Shang, we more has see not to neighbours rapid runs of back has World Cup zhiqian, China FA Technology Department director Yang Xinli in accept Xinhua reporter interview Shi admits, Chinese referee training situation allowed them to "hurry" to "now someone wants to be a referee, it might be even a door can not touch! ”